Why Buy Refurbished IT Hardware from Northland Systems?

The answer is simple: better return on your IT hardware investment.  Refurbished servers, storage, and networking equipment enable businesses to get more from their IT budget while maintaining the quality, reliability and IT performance needed to stay competitive. Northland System’s rigorous refurbishing process ensures that IT hardware is returned to original factory specifications.


  • Refurbished IT hardware is restored to original factory settings.
  • Undergoes multiple stringent tests while being refurbished.
  • Matches or exceeds the performance of equivalent new hardware


  • You decide when to upgrade your servers, storage, and networking equipment instead of getting caught up in the OEM’s upgrade cycle
  • Lower cost gets more out of your IT budget and improves IT ROI
  • Lengthens the lifespan of data center hardware by two or more years


  • Hardware considered end-of-life by the OEM is readily available.
  • No lengthy lead times typical when buying from the OEM.
  • Repair and extend the life of older IT hardware