IT Asset Management Services

NorthSmartIT enables businesses to easily integrate, automate, monitor, and maintain their inventory of IT assets. NorthSmartIT IT Asset management service offerings are designed with the specific goal of improving IT and Business outcomes:

  • Reduced spending on IT assets by maximizing their useful lifecycle and saving up to 70% annually on service contracts through the NorthSmartIT Support Network
  • Quick and effective issue resolution with centralized information about asset configuration and support data.
  • Minimized risk of business disruption through asset classification, clear SLA requirements and sparing

Our services combine robust processes with sophisticated tools to increase the effectiveness of ITAM. Discovering, capturing and integrating inventory, configuration, financial, and contractual data of all IT assets in a central repository enables IT to more effectively manage assets, contracts, SLAs, and vendors. The resulting business outcome is an optimized software and hardware asset portfolio that provides greater reliability, higher services levels, at a reduced overall cost.

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